A California music trip offers unparalleled diversity. Whether traveling to Southern California or Northern California, the diversity of culture, scenic beauty, exciting attractions and things to do makes travel in California unlike any other place in the world. Southern California offers theme parks, outdoor shopping complexes, and unique student friendly resturants in Anaheim, Costa Mesa and quintessential beach towns along the coast take advantage of the great weather. Los Angeles county is home to many famous attractions in a relatively concentrated space. Your choices include amusement parks, architectural landmarks, art museums, beaches, park and shopping, to name a few.

•  San Francisco Choral Festival at Grace Cathedral – March
•  San Francisco Golden Gate Showcase of Music – April, May
•  San Diego Mission City Showcase of Music – April, May
•  Los Angeles City of Angles Showcase of Music– April, May
•  Los Angeles International Band & Orchestra Festival at the Walt Disney Concert Hall -    June
•  Disneyland Pep Band Classic - October
•  ESPN Pep Band Invitational - November
•  Tournament of Roses Parade – December
•  Disneyland’s Performing Arts Programs – Year round