Resources | Safety & Security

At MusicAmerica’s we’re concerned about your safety and security. We want to give you as many resources as possible and offer you the best coverage available.

We recommend reviewing the following travel safety sites regularly as information tends to change:

 Transportation Security Administration -
 US Department of Homeland Security -
 US Department of State -
 Overseas Security Advisory Council -
 Centers For Disease Control and Prevention -
 Federal Aviation Administration -
 US Customs and Border Protection -
 World Airport Guide -
 US Embassies and Consulates -
 U.S. Passport Information -
 Student and Youth Travel Association

MusicAmerica provides:

 Health and Accident Insurance Included for all participants
 $5,000,000 aggregate coverage
 Consumer Deposit Protection (within the limits of the plan)
 Certificate of Insurance upon request
 24-Hour Toll-Free Emergency Number
 Professional On-Site Tour Director