Resources | Create a Video

Want the memories to last? Here is an opportunity to capture your students “memories of lifetime” to share with family and friends. This is available on all tours.

How Create a Video Works!

1. Create A Video provides a quality Canon digital camera for you to take pictures while on your trip. The camera (1 per motor coach or every 55 students) is shipped directly to your school to arrive about (1) week prior to departure. The cameras are equipped with a 256 MB memory card that will hold as many as 250 pictures each. Any group can choose to use their own digital camera and Create A Video will provide a FREE memory card to use instead.

2. Following your tour, the cameras are returned to Create A Video for processing and production using the pre-paid Priority Mail Box provided.

3. Create A Video then ships the finished DVD’s back to your school in approximately 2 weeks.

To learn more about Create A Video, go to

Ask us more today, we’ll be happy to add this on to your trip!